September 2019

Sensational elimination of CFR Cluj in the Romanian Cup

In the round of 16 of the Romanian Cup, Hidajet and his club "FC Botosani" met none other than CFR Cluj, who has dominated Romanian football in recent years and has been represented regularly in Europe, right through to the Champions League. After his exceptional performance in the regular 90 minutes and a sensational draw, Hidajet continued his excellent game until the 120th minute when the penalty shootout began. He was able to outsmart the superior players from Cluj with something that is not often seen and shared in the media worldwide. After two penalties, everything seemed like Cluj's plan was working, so Hidajet resorted to a psychological trick to unsettle and discourage the opponent. He went to the coaching zone and pretended to get information on where the shooters would shoot. There he pretended to receive instructions that were supposedly written on a piece of paper. Every time before the shooter started, he took out this piece of paper and pretended to read the instructions he received from his goalkeeper coach. In fact, this sheet was completely blank. The trick worked and FC Botosani achieved an incredible success by eliminating CFR Cluj from the competition. Bravo Hido

Adi Preschern Torwartakademie
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